Pink Himalayan Bath Salt Gift Set – Body Foot Spa Kit with Rose Essential Oil & Moisturize Foot Lotion, Revitalize and… Price: $19.99 (as of 03/23/2023 22:42 PST- Details)

100% natural and the purest salt-Our pink bath salt is extracted from one of the most beautuiful places-Himalayan mountains. It is 100% natural and the purest salt, without chemical additives. With 84 essential minerals inside, it can nourish every cell of your body and push your skin to breathe better.
Three different and fascinating fragrance-Lavender, green tea and rose, what a nice combination! It can perfectly pamper a family if every mumber has a different preference. All the fragrance come from nature, which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during the bath. A nice choice for you if you want to experience different scent bath salt.
Pure essential oil-Essential oils have always been a woman’s best friend. It can helps you to moisturize your skin during the dry autumn and winter. It also can be used with the end of your hair to keep your hair smooth. With the aromatic rose scent lingering around you, your mood can also be better.