The opening of Cottage Life Decor was a dream I’ve had for years.  Thank you for visiting our shop and please come back often as we are always adding new merchandise.

“We” is really just me, with the support of my husband and pups! Hi, I’m Debbie. I am the owner of the Blog, Your Home Your Happy Place where I talk homes, decorating, entertaining and more. In the past, I have also run businesses as a Home Stager and an Interior Decorator and Vacation Rental Owner.  I still have a hand in Real Estate as well. All that says to me is that I am passionate about the space we live in and absolutely love putting looks together for me or for others.

We are just getting going, so join us as we grow and expand and follow us on pinterest and IG and eventually I will begin to upload to our youtube channel (that has probably one very old video on it)

Love the space you have and let’s make it be everything you dreamed of!